FEMA Programs and Appeals

Get expert advice on the types of FEMA aid and how to obtain the aid for disaster survivors.

Page last updated: 03/24/2023


Disaster survivors can receive vital assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency through its Individuals and Households Program, but they may encounter obstacles in obtaining it. Use our resources to learn:

  • Who can receive IHP aid.
  • How and why other forms of assistance affect the FEMA aid a disaster survivor can receive.
  • How IHP Housing Assistance and Other Needs Assistance are different.
  • In what situations someone applying for Other Needs Assistance must first apply for a U.S. Small Business Administration loan.
  • How to apply for FEMA assistance.
  • How to overcome potential obstacles to receiving FEMA aid approval.
  • Why FEMA may deny assistance.
  • How to appeal FEMA aid denials.
  • How to win on appeal.


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