Increase your knowledge of disaster-related issues so you can better support disaster survivors as a legal aid advocate, pro bono attorney, or other volunteer.


You do not need expertise in disaster-related issues to begin providing assistance to low-income Americans. It is helpful, however, to become familiar with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), FEMA programs and appeals, and disaster-related civil legal issues such as housing, income maintenance, and employment. Stay up to date on these issues and keep an eye out for any special training that may become available.

  • World Cares Center’s Disaster Volunteerism Academy

    World Cares Center delivers value-added trainings as part of their Disaster Volunteerism Academy to equip you with the skills and tools you need to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster safely.  Whether you’re an individual who wants to prepare in the event of an emergency, a disaster volunteer, or a local leader, World Cares Center offers online, self-paced courses free of charge.

    Registration is required to access the training videos.

  • PLI: Disaster Strikes, Lawyers Respond

    When hurricanes, floods, fires — and sometimes all of the above — strike, how can lawyers help individuals and communities respond and recover? In this episode, Alicia Aiken talks to seasoned disaster relief attorneys about how pro bono can make a difference in disasters, and how lawyers can prepare to pitch in

    This podcast is on the Practicing Law Institute’s website.

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